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Due to overwhelming immediate responses, I will no longer be posting pictures that have diet talk on the bottom

At all.  Please do not submit pictures and add diet talk. 

And I’m sorry if I’ve inadvertently triggered anyone by letting the diet talk through to their dash. 

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Some submission guidelines!

Hello, lovely fats! We love submissions, and as the number of submissions to FYFP has grown, we wanted to set up a couple of simple guidelines for everyone.

  • This blog is specifically about fat positivity. We love all bodies of every size, but here we focus on fat people and fat bodies. So when it comes to submissions, we’re requesting that submitters generally be at least a US size 12/UK size 14 or largerObviously, this is not written in stone; all bodies are different! We know that this “rule” may seem exclusionary, but we want this to be a safe space for those of us who generally do not have much, if any, thin privilege. There are other communities for in-betweenies (those of us who aren’t quite straight-sized and not quite plus-sized either) that we’ll gladly point you to!
  • All submissions should be size- and body-positive. We understand that everyone is in different places regarding self-acceptance, but the main theme of this blog is body love. The word “fat” is a positive (or neutral!) one. We love fat rolls, dimply thighs, wrinkles, freckles and imperfections, and we want you to love them too! We want to celebrate fatness, so we prefer photos that are clear and free of Photoshop editing or drastic angles. We’ll gladly accept photos that are just of your face or just your body, if that’s preferable.
  • If your submission contains any triggering content, please add a trigger warning. (Don’t know what a trigger warning is?) When in doubt, add one anyway. We’ll also add ‘em if we feel like a post needs it. Don’t be afraid to let us know if a post was upsetting to you so we can add a warning!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, definitely let us know!

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