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Size 20-22 (UK)

Dress from ASOS Curve (CURRENTLY ON SALE!)

Chelsea boots from New Look

Shades from ASOS

Floral Garland from Primark

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Feeling pretty cute in my new swimsuit.
Size US 20. (: 

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Hey I’m Makayla c:

Im into classic rock n’ roll, food, hippie things, and people.

Come talk to me? I enjoy new gorgeous faces! :D

Jesus-isheadbanging.tumblr.com c:

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It makes me laugh when people are just like “just lose weight and you’ll be happy with yourself”. My older sister lost 200+ pounds and still says that she finds problems with herself. Happiness doesn’t sprout from a number on a scale.

If you want to make my day, then follow my tumblr.
i love connecting with people :P

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my belly wanted to say helloooooo xD

you can follow me at thedarkestflowers if you want to!

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my favorite picture of myself to date. :)

  09:51 pm, by thebestassbelow14thstreet 73
just trying to be pretty. lol, US size 16

just trying to be pretty. lol, US size 16

11:09 am, by gabbythegoddess 51

This blog has helped me so much in recognizing that I am beautiful and sexy and wonderful just the way I am no matter how much I hear it from other people that I need to “work” on or “fix” myself. I am much more confident in myself now that when I went shopping this weekend was successful and I was happy and absolutely amazing the whole trip. 

Size: 2X 

Where: Fashion Q Plus

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26, single, UK. First time trying a tail plug. I could get used to this.

  11:08 am, by thestarsthesnowthefire 96

Feeling pin-up style sexy today!

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