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halloween Costume 

Size 20. Learning to love my curves and having a good time! feel free to follow me and i will follow back 


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Chillin’ on a rainy afternoon.

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my favorite picture of myself to date. :)

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I’m Alice ♥ I’ve been insecure my whole life but ever since I found your blog I have been trying to become more confident! I am fat, and that’s okay ^-^ we all have scars ♥12-14/US ^~^ Follow me on instagram?

Xx_can you feel my tits_xX

stay strong ♥ 

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Size US 18

Polka Dot Collared Shirt - One Size KittyLandParadise $16

Black Skater Skirt - XL Rue21 $7

Tights - XXL Target $2

Cat Cardigan - Medium Forever 21 $22

Combat Boots - Thrifted $5

Purse - Rue21 $5

Belt - XL Target $??

Mask - One Size KittyLandParadise $3

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It isn’t every day that I feel good about myself, but when I found this shirt and tried it on, I felt like a million dollars, and my self-esteem went up up up! 

Yay for being a chubby bunny .3. Size: 20/22/24 US

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I love wearing cute clothes with sexy lingerie underneath :) 

I’m a size 18-22ish, sometimes bigger depending on what the clothing is. 

Main blog here: http://newshoesoldsouls.tumblr.com/

Sexy body positive sex blog here: http://thefatsluttyfeminist.tumblr.com/

Come say hi! :*

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I used to be really unhappy with how I looked at my freshmen prom… What was I thinking? I’m adorable! :)

(For the record, I’m the one in the purple!) :)

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