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Plus size swimsuit suggestions!

We got lots of suggestions from people, so I thought I’d consolidate ‘em all in one post for ease!

rawkabilly says: for person asking about plus-sized swimsuits: they are still expensive but they are pretty and all the people I know with them love them: http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Swimwear

It’s a bit limited but I hear their stuff is good. I hope that helps!

niikiwho says: Swimsuits: http://www.sonsi.com/plus-size-apparel/plus-size-swimwear/15332c15409/index.cat

they are around $60 and they have some that are on sale. Some of them do look old lady-ish but a lot of them are really cute. this one can definitely be a head turner.

kittypirateship says: I got a really, really cute one-piece from Torrid. Granted, it cost about 70 bucks (which I think is insane), but it’s worth it. It’s the first (and only) bathing suit I’ve had that I actually find myself to look cute in.

elyseexplosion says: The biggest problem I’ve had with Old Navy bathing suits I found is that they are for gals with much smaller chests than me - and I have a DD cup. I also like the bathing suits at Target, but they don’t offer much more support up top.

anon says: Target, Kohls, and Torrid all have cute swimsuits too! :)

libbydougherty says: ASOS plus has awesome ones. Walmart has the GORGEOUS red bathing suit that is both straight and plus size I believe and its only 30 bucks and has gotten awesome reviews. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Shape-Solutions-by-Catalina-Women-s-Shirred-Halter-Swimsuit/15149481

Old navy is also good, but not my favorite. 

ihavesubtitlingonlife says: They actually have some really great plus-sized suits at Walmart right now. I got a great pin-up style suit for $30.

fatfashionandpenguins says: Well I am small chested C cup and I wear Targets Maternity swimsuits. I love them. I have a long torso and a big tummy (size 20/22) and the XXL swimsuits fit GREAT. And they are usually way cuter than the plus size bathing suits. If you have bigger boobs try them on. Also they are reasonably priced. But the stores have a better selection than online.

I’ll add more responses if we get them, so watch this post if you’re interested! :)

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