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I used to be really unhappy with how I looked at my freshmen prom… What was I thinking? I’m adorable! :)

(For the record, I’m the one in the purple!) :)

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I never used to wear this shirt, even though it’s one of my favorites (since I got it in New Orleans and I love New Orleans). I was too scared of how people might react to a fat girl wearing something semi-transparent, but thankfully I’ve gotten past that! :) So here’s a picture of me wearing it at Buckingham Fountain last summer! :)

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MMFD inspired. Some self love. 

MMFD inspired. Some self love. 

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mcstephanton.tumblr.com :)

Dress - New Look Inspire

Boots - Primark

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So I am Brenny and I run a NSFW sex and body blog because I feel everyone should be able to be sexual and unashamed and everyone should have the right to be themselves and sexy at there size! I post bodies of all sizes including my own. I love my chubby body. <3

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Dancing with my Frog

One of my favorite characters to cosplay is Princess Tiana, and I took professional photos for the first time recently.  It was so fun and I felt so beautiful :)

Cosplayer:  Brichibi Cosplays

Photographer:  Nude Carbon Studios

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i felt incredibly confident and cute in this outfit even tho i am wearing *gasp* horizontal stripes over my fat ass and fat stomach and really FUCK everyone who says fat girls can’t wear horizontal stripes. my fupa will be covered in glorious stripes from now on. 

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Feelin’ fine!

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Ready to hit the beach! ~

Ready to hit the beach! ~

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