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OOTD/MOTD: Tropical Mermaid inspired, complete with bubbles!

OOTD/MOTD: Tropical Mermaid inspired, complete with bubbles!

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Decided to go with cute today :3 http://nerdinplussize.tumblr.com/

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Playsuit - Primark

Kimono - ASOS Curve

Wedges - Daisystreet.co.uk

Size 20/22 UK

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26, UK size 30/32. New matching undies are the best thing.
(These are from Evans.)

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I’m Alice ♥ I’ve been insecure my whole life but ever since I found your blog I have been trying to become more confident! I am fat, and that’s okay ^-^ we all have scars ♥12-14/US ^~^ Follow me on instagram?

Xx_can you feel my tits_xX

stay strong ♥ 

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hi everyone! 

i’m wearing shorts this summer for the first time WITHOUT leggings underneath. it feels really great to not give a fuck ;)

i made the shorts myself and a tight black top always makes me feel like a powerful vixen. 

come say hi ! http://hey—sah.tumblr.com

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I’m Kayleigh!

Size 16- Apple shaped-24 years old


This photo wasnt from a shoot or supposed to be anything really.
I was walking to the pool and my girlfriend pulled out her Nikon camera and I heard the shutter go off.

Immediately knowing that another shutter would soon follow, I tilted my body to the right and threw up a peace sign as my first quick reaction. And the camera snapped. ✌

My 2nd day hair was in the most rediculous bun and I had no time to fix my suit from my bum or pose any part of my body to seem more “attractive”.

But she edited it and tagged me anyways because it was my most candid moment.

That’s why sydneyyishumbugg is my best friend. She sees beauty in everything. Even when it’s least expected.

I love my body and my bum and my pink bathing suit more now- all because of a one candid photo and a beautiful person.

Never be ashamed and never try to be someone else. You’re most lovely in your raw moments.

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Kimono jacket - ASOS Curve

Long top - New Look Inspire

Jeans - ASOS Curve

Necklace - Primark

Shoes - Primark

Sunglasses - Primark 

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It’s been a gradual battle with myself in order to become fat positive, and I’m proud to say I’ve been looking forward with this battle with no return of going back!

Denisse. 21. NYC.

Never look back, beautiful people. Keep moving forward :)

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Di, Size US 16.

I Follow Back<3


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