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So I am Brenny and I run a NSFW sex and body blog because I feel everyone should be able to be sexual and unashamed and everyone should have the right to be themselves and sexy at there size! I post bodies of all sizes including my own. I love my chubby body. <3

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I couldn’t count how many times I’ve been called a hippo in my life. Good thing hippos are cute.

Hippos actually are 15-foot living tanks that sweat blood-red and can make sounds at 115 DB-that’s a rock concert level of sound. Hippos are responsible for the most human deaths of any large animal. That means sharks, lions, hyenas, crocodiles, and anything else carnivorous-has nothing on this river horse.  They literally change their environment wherever they live, diverting rivers or swamps and making way for bigger territories for their kind. 

Hippos are fucking badass. Hippos are cute and can fuck you up.

At first I didn’t know where you were going with this… but I like where you went with it. Cause cool… the more you know.

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used one of your pictures as a reference, thought you might like it :) 

I fucking LOVE IT! Thank you so much! ~RainbowTC

Oh my god, I’m in LOVE with this.

Ah! This is so so so perfect!

oh my goodness.

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I made a painting of myself and storm based on this nude selfie.

I’m happy with how it turned out.

by me (please don’t remove credit/ thanks!!)

Reminds me of Wendy Sharpe’s artworks

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Finally decided to put up a small collection of the photos from my body positive photo shoot! Still super nervous about it, but this is a journey in self love for me and I really love these pictures. 

Makeup-less, crazy haired, fat, freckled, and loving myself.

Perfect hair

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fat little stretchmarked belly

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