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fat little stretchmarked belly

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My goal is to make my own queer fierce femme realness [porn] genre versus trying to fit in with one.”  (via NEW BLOG POST at QUEERFATFEMME.COM FAT SEX WEEK: Interview with Queer Porn Star Sophia St. James)

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Betty fucking Crocker, eh?

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fuck yes

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The artist is Zanele Muholi.  How amazing are these photos?  THEY ARE SO AMAZING AND SO BEAUTIFUL.  Muholi is South African, and she photographs the lesbian community there, which is how she has made these beyond beautiful photographs.  Seriously, my mind is blown to bits. Go read about her right now!

Did anyone else think that first one was a painting?

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if you ask me i’m pretty hot tbh

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this is my skin. skin that i’ve never showed anyone because i’m too afraid they’ll judge me. i’m terrified no one will love my acanthosis nigricans, stretch marks, hair, confluent and reticulated papillomatosis, and all my other various ‘problems’ and imperfections. but i’m tired of hiding and i wanted to share my skin with someone, and i chose you.

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Being this fucking in love with myself should be illegal. 

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Gorgeous fat nudes!


Stupendous series by Katie Soze.

She’s also on Tumblr so I suggest you go follow her this instant.

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