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trigger warning for menstruation, cissexism

Okay, I am super sensitive to people’s feelings, but menstruation is a trigger and we are not supposed to talk about it? I am sorry, that’s ridiculous. It is something that women have to deal with as a part of existence, there is no way in the world we should have to be silent about it. If someone who is trans is upset that they don’t have it, I am sorry they feel that way, but that is not a reason for me to talk about reality.

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Menstruation, pictures of and discussions about, can be triggering to some people, so if you are talking about it, it’s good to provide a trigger warning so that folks can skip past it. You can talk about menstruation all you want. People can submit posts that include period talk if they really want, and I would advise them to use a TW. If they don’t, I’ll add one anyway, because hey guess what this is fuckyeahfatpositive not fuckyeahCISfatpositive.

Not all women menstruate! Not all people who menstruate are women! You don’t have to be silent about menstruation! But I recommend not being a douche about people’s triggers!

I don’t know of trans* people who feel dysphoric because they don’t menstruate. However, the reason I put TWs on period-related posts is because many trans* people who menstruate who do not ID as women feel super uncomfortable with it.

You are not ~super sensitive~ and you are clearly not sorry.

gurl, bye.

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Irregular Periods & PCOS

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. All women can get it, but women who are heavier appear to be more prone to the condition. PCOS can vary in degree but generally women who have it have 1. irregular or no periods 2. excessive body hair 3. higher testosterone levels 4. cysts on your ovaries that ka-boom! 5. thinning hair 6.difficulty conceiving or infertility

Ask your PCP to do blood tests to check your hormones. If something is irregular you may have to go see an endocrinologist. If the endo rules out other things you may have to go to a gyno. Birth control is one way it is treated.

I was told I had PCOS when in reality I have an extremely rare disease… oh well.


For the anon who asked about irregular periods and being fat, well, I have irregular periods too, and I have PCOS, I have been repeatedly told that unless I loose weight I won’t get a normal period. :|
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tw for menstruation

I haven’t had my period in MONTHS, and this is the usual for me. I can go half a year or even longer without getting my period, and then when I do, it’s very light/spotty. I weigh just over 300lbs, and I’ve heard that weight may be my issue with not having my period. However, I don’t have health insurance or the money to go to a doctor/gyno so it’s not as if I could just stroll into the hospital and get this checked out. Has anyone else ever dealt with this?

So I googled “irregular periods” and came up with a few links.





I have heard, and these sites confirm, that being very fat can affect one’s periods. I would suggest reading up on it online, then if you feel you need to see a healthcare provider, try looking up free clinics in your area.

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