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Why are some of your posts tagged 'death fatty'?

It’s a semi-reclaimed term - not quite a direct reclamation, like “queer” or “cunt”, because “death fatty” hasn’t, to my knowledge, actually been used by fat-haters.  But it’s our way of thumbing our collective nose at the health-based concern-trolling you so often see running along the lines of “it’s okay to be a little bit overweight, but when you’re [250/300/400/whatever arbitrary number a given person decides they’re not okay with] pounds it’s just unhealthy, your fat is going to kill you!”  

So when large-fat people (I’d say probably size 24+?) use “death fatty” as a joking self-identifier, they’re saying “lol that’s right assholes, I’m so big I’m a super-death-fatty and I don’t care what you think about it!”  It’s a way of saying, “I know what you think about my body and I give so few fucks about your opinion that I’m going to gleefully take your condemnation and use it as a positive thing for myself.”  

Of course, “death fatty”, like any other reclaimed term, will be okay with some people and not okay with others, so don’t assume that a given fat person is okay with it, whatever their size.  

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My dad was going through all the photos on his memory card and asked me if I wanted him to delete the ones of me.  I said “no, I really like the ones from the pool!” and he was a little dumbfounded.  He didn’t say anything, but he gave me the memory card.  I know I look fat in this picture/swimsuit/body/life.  That’s because I am.  I’ve always been a big fan of my body and myself.  My body is the best possible container for my soul, and I’ve loved it all my life, even when others tried to tell me I shouldn’t.  My name is Karyn, I’m 22 and I wear anything from a size 28 to 32, depending on the store and the cut and the brand.  And, oh yeah, I wear bathing suits.

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fuck fat shame

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(My best friend and myself waiting for the Gaga concert by her tour bus)

I really hated my body.  Growing up I never heard many positive things about being fat.  And since my very first day of school, I was tortured for being a big girl.  And the bullying made me go through many different things and do stupid stuff I wish never would of happened.  I blamed it all my fat.

But within the past year, I’ve decided to stop letting other’s hurtful words get to me.  Accept my body for what it is and just be happy.  I’m the process of allowing myself to be confident.  That’s why I’m posting, for the first time ever, a full body picture of myself online.  I chose to do it on this tumblr because seeing everyone else’s posts and the support they recieve really inspires me.

Thank you so much for allowing people like myself a place to feel accepted.


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I was feeling pretty stupid cute the other day in my granny sweater.

Follow me for more vanity and lots of lady doodles, which are mostly chubsters. :)

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Who said chubby girls can’t be smokin’ hot? ‘cuz they definetly can :-)

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That’s me and my coffee mug. We’re lovers. :)

I wish I had a fabulous full body shot, but for now, it’s only this.

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