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I'm getting married in a few months and have a gorgeous dress. But I don't really have a waist in it. I was wondering of anyone could suggest some inexpensive corsets for me.

Unfortunately, “inexpensive” and “corset” are not words often found together, especially in plus sizes.  I don’t have any resources to offer, but I’m opening this up to the masses - followers, any suggestions?

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Oh, another question: Do you know any sites where I can buy cute plus-sized shorts? I can't find of my size, and I'm dying to own a pair! Thank you! <3

I’ve had surprisingly good luck at Walmart with a pair of rolled-cuff short shorts that came with a cute little skinny belt as well - much as I hate supporting their business model, when you’re broke and fat and still gotta clothe your body, you do what you have to do - and, when I was financially solvent, Lane Bryant.  But I’ll open the floor to better suggestions - followers, where do you buy your shorts?  

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Nikki B. Decadent, Brooklyn NY


Photographed by FatLeopard Photography 

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Plump Princess


Plump Princess

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#Sneakpeek of today #videoshoot. Thanks @iamkidcapture for #capturing this #great shot. I #love it. #downtown #sandiego in the #gaslamp #Victorianbuilding great #place!

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I’m Michelle. I apologize to no one.

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Glitz & Glam

Sequins Jacket - Ashley Stewart

Skirt- Ashley Stewart

Wedges- JustFab

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