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Here’s the finished Armored Princess Tiana cosplay!  The first picture is the sketch, then the second is the finished product.  The armor is over my Princess Tiana dress and is made completely out of craft foam, paint, and thin fabric on the back.  The sword is also craft foam  :)

(I plan on getting more pictures together later for a sort of “story” with the cosplay, but we’re resting after the con so I’ll do that later)

Check out more cosplay here:  Brichibi Cosplays

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Being this fucking in love with myself should be illegal. 

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Plump Princess


Plump Princess

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#Sneakpeek of today #videoshoot. Thanks @iamkidcapture for #capturing this #great shot. I #love it. #downtown #sandiego in the #gaslamp #Victorianbuilding great #place!

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I’m Michelle. I apologize to no one.

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Rosie Mercado


Rosie Mercado

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Hi. :]

tanya. 29. us size 20/22.

i love my body. it may not have always been this way. we all go through our ups and downs. and its always easier to allow the negative to linger rather than the positive. all women are beautiful. i am proud to be in the company of the amazing, confident, stunning women that submit to blogs such as this one. i am thrilled blogs like this exist. please feel free to say hi. i’d be honored to chat it up with each and every one of you.

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Fat girls are kick-ass musicians!

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