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How are you so confident.

Practice, and a constant refrain of “fuck YOU fuck OFF motherfucker MOVE i am way out of your league” etc. running through my head.

Basically, fake it til you make it.  Or the nice version, courtesy of Kyeli Smith - what you do will become true.  

As flippant as that sounds, I’m dead serious.  Practice.  I spent time looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself that I look a lot like many of the gorgeous fatties on blogs like this, and if I can think they’re beautiful, then there’s no reason I can’t be, too.  

Deliberate media immersion is the other half of this - you’ve got step one by finding this blog.  Follow us, follow fyeahchubbyfashion, follow…idk I can’t think of my favorite FA blogs right now, but find them, follow them, bask in a steady stream of images of fat people doing cool stuff and looking good doing it, roll around in those images and swim in them until they slowly, slowly, bit by bit by piece by minute by hour by day start to outweigh the counter-flood of negative representation in the mainstream media.  

It will take time.  It will not be fast or easy necessarily.  There will be days where you genuinely rock the fuck out and strut down the street without even noticing if there are negative looks coming your way because you genuinely don’t care.  There will be days where you’re telling yourself “head up, stand tall, fuck them if they don’t like you what does their opinion matter to your life anyway, pretend you’re walking hand in hand with [sexy favorite celebrity of your choice] and everyone’s just jealous” and forcing yourself to look calm and disinterested or happy or whatever image you want to project, while you’re just trying to hold yourself together inside.  There will be days where you can’t manage even that much and hide yourself behind sunglasses and music playing in your earbuds as a barrier between you and the world.  Even the most confident of us have those days too.  Don’t beat yourself up for “failing” to be confident.  Be gentle with yourself - you can’t hate yourself into happiness.  

Any time you start talking shit to yourself, stop and ask yourself if you’d say that to your favorite FA blogger or fatshion blogger.  If you wouldn’t, why not?  And why are you willing to say it to yourself, then?  

Time.  Practice.  Work.  Positive media saturation.  Sheer force of FUCK YOU.  And lots of patience while you work through it.

Go forth and be the fucking amazing motherfucker I know you can be.

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I’m Michelle. I apologize to no one.

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I really am in love with my body,and I want everyone to know…

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My back is one of my biggest insecurities, but not today.

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I posted a picture of these underthings the other day, but fuck it, I took some better pictures, so hereeee. :)

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First post; This is me. I won’t try to hide it. I don’t need to hide it. This is me. The person writing these posts, reblogging, and what whatnot is the girl in this photo.

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I’m Katy! This is me and my glorious VBO in action. I was singing at a benefit concert for a theatre that night and I thought I looked AMAZING. 

I cannot tell you the unconditional love that I have for my body. It’s amazing and once I figured out how to love myself at any size, life opened up to me. I commend all of you lovely ladies out there who embrace their VBO’s. You all are beautiful and fabulous! <3


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This is my back. Sometimes I don’t like the way my butt is shaped. Sometimes I don’t like my back fat.

Some days, I love the fucking shit out of every inch of me. These photos were taken on one of those days.

Sidenote: this is not a pornographic image. Do not treat it as such.

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My best friend in the entire world looked at me yesterday and said “So I creeped on your tumblr today…there’s a lot of almost naked pictures of you on there.” 

So I said, “So? I’m comfortable with it and my body.” 

Oh Cass, I love you to pieces. 

But yea…fat people can be naked in pictures too.

And I think I look good.

So here’s another picture of me, ya know…being half naked and completely okay with it.  

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 I am love and love myself. Because I love myself I choose to make myself happy. I am happy and happiness is me.

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