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Oh, another question: Do you know any sites where I can buy cute plus-sized shorts? I can't find of my size, and I'm dying to own a pair! Thank you! <3

I’ve had surprisingly good luck at Walmart with a pair of rolled-cuff short shorts that came with a cute little skinny belt as well - much as I hate supporting their business model, when you’re broke and fat and still gotta clothe your body, you do what you have to do - and, when I was financially solvent, Lane Bryant.  But I’ll open the floor to better suggestions - followers, where do you buy your shorts?  

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Replied to one of the posts with this -- but wanted to make sure it got posted, since this place is a godsend. Google "bravissimo" — This is a MAGICAL UK-based bra/swimwear store for women with D-L cups. CHECK IT OUT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Here’s a link for anyone who wants to check it out!

Edited to add: with the caveat that, as far as I can tell, they only go up to a 40 band.  So that may not actually be all that helpful for us larger people in need of bras.  But, if you’re a 38 or below and a D or above, go check it out!

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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I need some suggestions for a good strapless bra. I'm a 38 DD and most strapless bras won't stay up on me.

Followers, any suggestions?  I’m a 42F and have pretty much given up on the idea of strapless anything for myself, so I can’t really help you, but I’m sure there are people out there who’ve found better options.

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*awkward cough*  Um, actually, that would be me specifically (Jadelyn).  It’s my queue tag, which is intended for my main blog, but because I use Xkit for one-click reblogging, it adds it to posts I queue for any blog.  Everything except ask posts is queued on this blog, to keep the content stream steady rather than occasional spams when any of us mods are online - but only ones I queue have that tag.  So I apologize to anyone who’s wondered why it keeps doing that - there’s no way to make it stop, I’ve looked - but also thank you for appreciating my use of Leverage references.  ^_^

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Why are some of your posts tagged 'death fatty'?

It’s a semi-reclaimed term - not quite a direct reclamation, like “queer” or “cunt”, because “death fatty” hasn’t, to my knowledge, actually been used by fat-haters.  But it’s our way of thumbing our collective nose at the health-based concern-trolling you so often see running along the lines of “it’s okay to be a little bit overweight, but when you’re [250/300/400/whatever arbitrary number a given person decides they’re not okay with] pounds it’s just unhealthy, your fat is going to kill you!”  

So when large-fat people (I’d say probably size 24+?) use “death fatty” as a joking self-identifier, they’re saying “lol that’s right assholes, I’m so big I’m a super-death-fatty and I don’t care what you think about it!”  It’s a way of saying, “I know what you think about my body and I give so few fucks about your opinion that I’m going to gleefully take your condemnation and use it as a positive thing for myself.”  

Of course, “death fatty”, like any other reclaimed term, will be okay with some people and not okay with others, so don’t assume that a given fat person is okay with it, whatever their size.  

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