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I have attitude, I do not have an attitude

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Just by being apart of the body positive community has made me feel so much more comfortable with my body and opening myself up to people. It’s not a quick fix, there’s still days where I hate the way I look and wish I was thinner, my hair was less frizzy, my skin would be even and ance free..etc. But I realize now, that’s no way to live. I should be enjoying my life and accepting the way I look.

And it’s funny, because never in a million years would I see myself taking pictures of myself in my underwear, let alone letting the world to see. I used to experience anxiety for doing this, but it really does help me. I encourage you all to atleast try it, it’s actually liberating to show your body off to people and really just own yourself.

Oh and if you’re wondering, the socks are from sockdreams. If you’re a bigger gal like myself, definately try them out! They have a variety of styles and fabrics, and most of all they are plus size friendly. I sound like an ad, but I really just like this store.

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So I was always told that fat girls shouldnt have short hair.. That because we were fat we had to preserve any bit of femininity and beauty that we could. Well fuck that. Here I am fatter and cuter than ever, sporting my new mohawk ^_^

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Show your pride in your thighs ♡♢♡

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Size UK 20-22

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Dress and shoes by Simply Be!

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mcstephanton.tumblr.com - Stephanie | Size 20-22. :) 

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Stephanie | London | mcstephanton.tumblr.com | www.nerdabouttown.com

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"I’m a big woman. I need big hair"

- Aretha Franklin

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I can’t recall the last time I took advice from anyone…
Shaped like a figure eight, who trusts pretty girls anyway?

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