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Do you know of any good in-betweenie body type blogs?









05:48 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by raggedyanndy 24

How could I make a submission of a picture?

Go to fuckyeahfatpositive.tumblr.com. Click “submit” at the top of the page. Click “Submit a text post.” A drop down box will appear; click on “Submit a photo.” Then choose a file from your computer. Add a caption if you want. Make sure to check the box that says you’ve agreed to terms of submission. Pick any tags you want to put on the post, then submit!

09:01 pm, question from whenyaslindreamt, answered by raggedyanndy

How do you define what "fat" is? I know that a lot of the time people who are shorter than around 5'3" wouldn't usually classify as BBW or anything (not saying this is the same thing, just using it as a reference point) because they appear smaller because of their height even though they may be bigger than what is seen by stupid-ass society as a desirable weight. I don't think I would fit in here, mostly because of my short stature (and thus smaller appearance), though I've posted on fuckyeahchubbygirls and fuckyeahchubbygirls2 a few times. I was just wondering in general. Also, btw, fucking rad blog! I love it!

We’ve gotten into trouble for dictating the laws of fat here before hahahaha.  We accept size 12 (US) and 14 (UK) and up for pictures.  But if you think you’re fat and a smaller size due to being shorter just submit and we’ll probably post you.  We’re not very picky!  We don’t post things that are inherently fat negative or shaming or diet-talk-y but other than that we try to post everything. 

04:48 am, question from ante-gamisou-deactivated2013031, answered by whoistorule 2

how do i submit a photo?

Up at the top there is a submit button.  Click that.  Then there’s a box that says “submit a text post” with an arrow next to it.  Click the arrow and scroll down until you get the option to “submit a photo.”  Then just upload a photo, type in some commentary if you want, accept the terms and submissions, and you are good to go!

03:01 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by whoistorule 1

Just a note about submissions

If you are submitting text posts, some things to bear in mind

  • If you talk about your weight in terms of numbers or sizes, please use a trigger warning, otherwise we will not post it.
  • If your post is nothing but complaining about your weight and that no one loves you because of it, we will not post it.
  • If your post contains body shaming language, we will not post it.  That includes language about how superior thinness is to fatness or fatness is to thinness.  This isn’t a contest.  Love and positivity are renewable resources that are forever in abundance and it’s not necessary to take away from other people in order ot be more awesome.

This isn’t aimed at anything in particular, but with all the questions about why things may or may not be posted, I thought I’d just clarify those things.

02:53 pm, by whoistorule 7

Due to overwhelming immediate responses, I will no longer be posting pictures that have diet talk on the bottom

At all.  Please do not submit pictures and add diet talk. 

And I’m sorry if I’ve inadvertently triggered anyone by letting the diet talk through to their dash. 

04:50 pm, by whoistorule 19

I'm sorry if this is a really ignorant question!
I just thought you were the best blog to ask....what does trigger warning mean?

A trigger warning is a warning you put (usually in bold or giant letters) before posting or saying something that could trigger mental health problems.  For example if you are talking about [trigger warning] eating disorders in detail, that could trigger someone in recovery back to ED habits, or it could trigger someone with an ED into binging/purging/restricting etc.  Talking about rape can trigger rape survivors into panic attacks and depression.  Suicide and depression should be trigger warned for.  Self harm is another trigger.  Even in detail descriptions of substances should be trigger warned so as not to trigger substance abusers/recoveries. 

Sometimes people on the internet will try to tell you that trigger warnings are censorship.  This isn’t true.  You can still talk about these things, but it’s important to warn so that you don’t inadvertently hurt people.  It’s not censorship, it’s compassion.

10:52 am, question from advisedlyalison, answered by whoistorule 5

How long does it take for submissions to be posted? I posted three days ago and haven't seen it yet.

I’ve answered this a few times in the FAQ but I queue the posts and they post about 5 times a day, so usually things get posted 3-7 days after they’re submitted.  Sometimes I’ll publish instead of queue but usually things get queued. 

05:39 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by whoistorule

Just a note because we get a lot of these

We appreciate all of the compliments about how awesome we are here, but 99% of the pictures that get submitted or reblogged here are not of the mods.  So if you write in our ask box “I love your shirt!” or “that’s a great bra where did you get it?” We are not really going to be able to answer.

However, if you go to fuckyeahfatpositive, submissions have a little “by so and so” at the bottom in small print and you can find out who submitted the photo and ask them where they got their kickass top.

Or, alternatively if it’s a reblog or you can’t figure out who submitted it, if you link us to the post in question when you write in, we might be able to help, although I still don’t know if we can.

If I could have a brain catologue of every awesome fat girl’s shirt ever, I would, but I don’t think that’s possible.  That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Alright! Carry on!

12:40 pm, by whoistorule 5