I usually try to write something pithy or at least something that amuses me if no one else. But I’m really tired and I’m still very sad (and holding on to the messages that have been sent to me, thank you so much). So, here is my outfit today. I like it very much. I’ve been kind of prissing around because it makes me feel super stereotypically girly in some ways; I feel very femme but also like I blend in for some reason with the way women are supposed to look. It’s been interesting. One of my coworkers told me the straight hair was very appropriate for someone my age and I think what he means is that I actually look like I’m in my 30s. Or something.

  • Dress - Avenue, 22/24 - I got this Saturday as part of their 40% off sale so it cost me about 15 bucks. I swear, they should give me clothes, I shill for them so often.
  • Shrug - City Chic, XL - I got this for free because I am being featured in their Look Book. I feel kind of conflicted because of their recent elimination of their largest size, but I’m going to give them another try and see if it is a case of the numbers not being important. The shrug is the cutest shrug pretty much ever - an amazing red with the greatest puffed sleeves. It’s a nice weight of knit, too.
  • Shoes - Nine West, 8 - I found these at Ross for about $12 the day after I’d been laid off from Harcourt. They are, currently, my only pair of sandals. But, hey, apparently even I will wear sandals if they are red.
  • Lipstick - MAC, Ruby Woo
  • Nail polish - OPI, Copenhagen Crimson

As always, this is what 5’4”, 300+ pounds looks like on me today.

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  2. sexpositiveactivism said: That is a winning dress/shoe combination! Fashion can be kind of traumatizing to me as a genderqueer person but I wanted you to know that listening to to Fatcast has helped me slowly get into looking at pretty clothes, as a start.
  3. craftastrophies said: I am sorry that you are sad :( Your internet presence always brings joy to my day. I love that photo of you sitting all prim and a bit intimidating on the table. Actually, I love all those photos. Rocking it, as always.
  4. poorlifechoicesblog said: You and your outfit look gorgeous. *all the internet hugs you want, even if that’s none*
  5. cabell said: I love that dress! And you look fantastic. The whole ensemble is lovely.
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