I need some help. I'm making a dating profile, I'm a chubby lesbian, and I would prefer my partner to be on the "larger" side of things like I am. Size 12 and above and beyond. But this is not for sexual reasons at all. I also do not want it to sound offensive. I like my women "larger" because I can relate to them more. It's easier to shop with them. We can be fat babes together. How should I put this in my profile without sounding like a sexist pig because I'm not at all?

I mean, I’m not exactly the right person to ask about dating profiles, BUT i think being straightforward like you put here would be good. “I’m totally into larger ladies because I’d love someone I can be a fat babe together with.” or something along those lines? 


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  1. dykevibes said: Just be clear with your reasons! I prefer fat women too, but I’m clear that my preference for fat women is because I relate to them more and since being fat is a big identity for me it’s important to share that with my partner.
  2. clitzy said: okcupid would be best bet
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