Small breasts, big stomach, don’t want to look pregnant….


For the girl with small boobs! I have really small boobs too. What I try to do is not buy dresses that are too tight around the stomach area because they too make me look pregnant. Also if dresses are tight around that area, it’s better if they have like horizontal pleats (i call it the scrunched up fabric). Also, buy a really good push up bra and try buying dresses with cleavage so that what you do have shows and its the focal point!


To the anon that asked about the dresses: a push up bra goes a long way. I got some really good ones at Torrid that I love. Also, if you wear dresses that are puffier and don’t hug your body, it will also create the illusion that your breasts are bigger than your belly. The trick to a good dress is a good waistline. The tighter the fabric around the waist, the bigger your boobs will look. It’s all about the cut!! Whatever your body shape is though, remember to be proud and to rock it!


To the previous commenter: I have a larger belly and smaller breasts, and I like how I look in dresses with fitted tops and flared skirts. I tend to stay away from wrap tops as they minimize my bust (although they’re a go-to with plus size designers). Wrap skirts are great, though, as is ruching. Belts at my natural waist look nice too. This advice is coming from my personal preference for traditional ideas of “flattering” clothing, but you should wear what makes you feel confident! <3

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