Who says a big girl can’t go sexy for Halloween?!

The joke is always that if there is EVER there is a time of year to embrace your inner slut, Halloween is the time. And you better believe I fully intend to take advantage of my right to look sexy this year. It isn’t often that I bust out a tutu and bustier, but damn it this felt so good. I think every girl, big girls too, need to extend that comfort zone and try a sexy look this year.

Here’s my very serious 7 step recipe to look hot for Halloween ladies!

  1. Lashes - the faker and bigger the better.
  2. Smokey Eye - if it looks too dark, go darker.
  3. Ears - I don’t care if they are bunny, cat, devil or mickey - rock the ears
  4. Bra - Exposed
  5. Work the curves - you have the thighs and hips some girls try to enhance, show them off!
  6. Tutu - Why does only Honey Boo Boo get to have all the fun?! I want one too!
  7. Look in the mirror and laugh and have fun - don’t take it all so seriously! 

K ladies! Now upload your pic to my facebook wall and show everyone how you’re embracing your body for Halloween!



Jessica Kane Halloween

Jessica Kane Plus 2

Jessica Kane Halloween

Size 20 on Top, 24 on Bottom

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