I wanted to send to fat positive cosplay blog but the ones I found hadn't updated in a while. My friend and I are both around size 17 (American). I cosplay, she is a fan of the fandoms I cosplay. Recently I decided to ask whether she would want to cosplay two characters from a fandom we both like and go to a nearby con, and she replied that she didn't 'think fat people should cosplay'. She said it was gross and it both hurt my feelings and made me worry about her self-image. How should I reply?

whaaaaaat that sucks. I’d just ask her straight up, “Why not?” Like, throw it in her face and make her think about it/say it outright why fat people shouldn’t cosplay and then challenge her on it.

It could be, however, that there’s some deeper issues here with her self-image that won’t necessarily be fixed with fat cosplay. But it could be an opportunity for you to help her see that cosplaying-while-fat and general fatness isn’t necessarily gross! You could also show her pics of other fat cosplayers and be like “seee??? isn’t this awesome? We should do it.”

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