Oh my gosh, you guys. I am such a sucker for wedding photos. I love the flowers and the happiness and the frothy white dresses and ALL OF IT. This photo is just so beautiful in every way! It’s from offbeatbride.com, and you can see more super-adorableness here: Joey & Maxine’s lesbian drum-tastic wedding!

Oh, and offbeatbride.com is great for schooling fatphobic jerks who say crap like “But who will marry you if you’re fat?” (Because clearly marriage is the #1 life goal we should all strive for!) Just send the asshole a link to the “plus size” tag on OBB.com, along with a note that says “SUCK IT, HATER.”

Okay, the “suck it” part is optional, but still highly recommended.

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    that wedding looked like it was the bomb. not to mention they both looked great.
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    wait, wait, wait; what I like best about this wedding;
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    AW ^-^ they’re sooooo kyooot
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