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The final line to present was Chubby Cartwheels, who served some serious kitschy-chic style. The collection was full of crop tops, leather/pleather skirts, and campy food based prints, such as french fries and doughnuts. There were also lots of sheers and a little bit of leopard. This collection pretty much thumbed it’s nose at every fashion rule in the book, and the results were perfect.”

Loved what they had to say!  Check out the article to see pieces from all the amazing designers at the event!  So much amazing fat fashion!


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Nedra Phillips wearing Tia Lyn @ The Annual Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2014

shes looks so gooooodd

Yessss girl💁


the look is determined.

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Skirt Dillard’s size 22

Corset- Ravens & Rockers size 36

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Fat girls go to the beach!

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As the last fat positive piece I did was received so well, here is another!

I’m afraid it’s not such a good drawing as the last as I am trying to get myself used to FireAlpaca, which isn’t as good as SAI, but I think it still looks quite good.

Anyway, thank you all so much for being so incredibly supportive of my last piece and I hope my work helps you all to fall in love with your bodies. Please spread the body positivity and help increase fat acceptance in the world, it’s an incredibly important issue that affects fat and thin people and everyone in between.

This is available to buy as T-shirts, device cases, stickers etc on my Redbubble as well as other items such as mugs, bags and art prints over on Society6.

EDIT: updated image (with stretch marks)

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Sometimes I have a hard time believing that beautiful images involve me.

Other times, I can’t understand why I would ever doubt it.

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