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Hello lovlies!

My name is Stephanie, and I am a plus size beauty/fashion blogger from
Chicago. I am also body positive and really love the community. I’ve
submitted myself to various body positive blogs and have met many
amazing people that I had the pleasure of connecting with. I truly
believe that the body positive community has made me feel better about
myself. It is so comforting to know that they’re people out there like
myself, and that I am not alone.

Since I’ve been getting more into blogging, I have recieved many
messages from people who are struggling with body image and just want
someone to talk too. I always keep my ask open because of this and reply
to people as quickly as I can. Unfortunately, I am not all knowing of
everything and feel that I can’t really help some people. I’ve been
wresling ideas about how to deal with this, and finally decided on
making a tinychat. I think this would be the best solution, because
it’ll be a place where people can come, share their stories, and connect
with other people…In real time!

A little information about tinychat, if you don’t know. Tinychat is
basically a chat room that is capable of holding a mass amount of
people. The people that join the room can broadcast themselves via
webcam or just by using their voice. It’s not a requirement to broadcast
yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable its totally ok! I’ll be
broadcasting myself via webcam and voice(maybe…I distest my voice but
I’ll try xD). You can also upload youtube videos so we could have music
in the background, or just play funny videos.

My main goal for this room is just to have people connect with each
other and feel like they’re not alone. Because I know that feeling all
too well. It isn’t fun.

So if this feels like something you’ll be interested, then please follow
my tumblr so you’ll see the post on when it’ll go live. I’m still weary
of the date and time, so if you have any suggestions then send me a
message! Right now, I’m thinking about saturday evening.

My tumblr:

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there!
Love you all,


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Went to the flea market with my new eiscream cone tee and had an eiscream cone…. and I looked super cute doing it :P

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             People used to tell me I would never be able to properly ride a horse or be decent at cosplay because of my height and weight. For a few years I stayed back letting their words keep me from doing the things I loved. Then finally I put my foot down and set out to prove them wrong. Now, I’ve not only done that, but have become a full on Horseback Riding Instructor and am creating my own unique characters that I sometimes dress up as.

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Today was the first day in a long time that I felt cute,  so I thought I’d share it with the Internet!  

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from the series The Elders by Sarah Wilson

Over the last few years, Bessie has been taking writing classes.  Writing poetry has helped her explore the depths of her personal history, and at age 69 Bessie feels she’s become a stronger woman than she ever knew she could be.

Amazing style.  Also, I am damn proud to share a nickname with this woman.

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Got new lipsticks from impulse cosmetics. A cheaper alternative to lime crime at just $6.99 a tube and most products are vegan :-)

I love them all but that nude one on you?! Like hello, absolutely fucking RADIATING sun goddess.

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