My body is perfect 

ok but this is still true though

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Fat Babes of LA arts and crafting!! 💘💘💘 (at Heart Of Art Gallery)

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This blog has helped me so much in recognizing that I am beautiful and sexy and wonderful just the way I am no matter how much I hear it from other people that I need to “work” on or “fix” myself. I am much more confident in myself now that when I went shopping this weekend was successful and I was happy and absolutely amazing the whole trip. 

Size: 2X 

Where: Fashion Q Plus

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Like for instance those two naked art posts you just reblogged today.

Those were already in the queue before the asks about tagging nudity were sent.  Much as we may hate to admit it, your mods are human and we do fuck things up sometimes.  We are sorry, and going back and looking at them now they are tagged with both #nsfw and #nudity.  

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This looks like Roxxieyo






This looks like Roxxieyo

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Hey, could you tag stuff that you reblog or post when it involves nudity and especially genitals? Especially with Ramadan coming up on the 28th?

Definitely! We generally tag those posts with “nsfw” and “nudity.” I’ll take a look back and add tags to any that were missed the last few days. Thanks!


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Photographer: Michael Charles

Jewelry: House Of Cach

Hair and Makeup: Erin Driscoll

Models: Lauren Farrington

              Adam Rose

             Cameron Quinlon

            Christopher King

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1st let me say I'm very new to fat positivity so I have some questions. I'm no small girl myself so this isn't that. Please don't be offended if I say something wrong, I'm just trying to learn. I see that you say there are no discussions of diet. I like that. Diet has become a dangerous word. However, does the fat positive movement deal with health at all? Exercise/healthy eating? Obvs you can still be healthy and fat so I just wondered.

Just FYI, we don’t tend to be an educational space so much, but I figure this is something people will wonder from time to time, so I’ll go ahead and answer this.

First, the short answer is, yes and no.  The *fat positive* movement isn’t health-focused, not because we’ve got anything against it, but just because it’s a separate issue (though there is some overlap as well).  However, there’s a cousin movement called Health At Every Size, which began with Linda Bacon’s book of the same name, which is specifically about divorcing healthy behaviors from a weight-loss context.  HAES is what you want to look into if this is a subject that interests you.

And I guess I would add that, fat positivity is about health, in the sense that A: mental health is health too, and fat positivity works wonders at helping us root out internalized fat-hate and start repairing the damage done to our self-esteem and ability to properly care for ourselves (I mean, how much effort are you going to put into taking care of something you’ve spent your life hating?), and B: actual studies have shown that fat positivity actually leads to increased participation in physical activity - seeing as how one of the major goals of fat positivity is to remove the stigma against Fatting In Public, and when people look at you funny for running or working out or playing sports while simultaneously being fat, that’s a major barrier to participation in exercise, you know?  Take that away and funnily enough fat people get a lot less adamant about shying away from such things.

But as far as specifically focusing on exercise and food choices, fat positivity isn’t really about that so much.  I think the best way I heard it explained was, HAES is a diet/exercise/physical self-care philosophy, and Fat Acceptance is the social/political movement that works in tandem with it.

For more discussions on the intersections of fatness, FA, and HAES, I really recommend checking out Ragen Chastain of Dances With Fat.  She’s an activist and professional dancer, founder of the Fit Fatties exercise forum among other things.  Check out her blog, there’s lots of posts about this stuff, and I find myself quoting her more often than not when I get into discussions with people about these issues.

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