Some more pictures from the beach.

I think this is the first time in my life I’ve been able to look at pictures of myself in a bathing suit and not have a thousand negative feelings about my body. In fact, I love these pictures. I look at them and I’m like ‘damn, I’m really cute and totally in love with myself!’ and I know I’ve been able to gain that confidence and change the way I see my own body, and all fat bodies by participating in the fatshion and fat acceptance community here on tumblr. It’s such a small thing…to take pictures and post them on the internet…yet it’s changed my life. So thanks to all the fatties who also post their pictures, who comment, like, reblog, share experiences and stories. We’re awesome!

Also, shout out to my sister who took pictures of me on the beach like she was the paparazzi.


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This is a positive and safe space, thus any negativity will not be posted. Thanks!


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My first outfit post! I’m trying to make my wardrobe be more than just “t-shirt and jeans because who cares”, so I bought a couple new tops and Capri jeans. This top is from Avenue (too bad the rhinestone detailing doesn’t come through in the photo), and the Capri jeans are from Lane Bryant.

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I have a question. I watch ABC family a lot, and I've been thinking of starting to watch the show 'Huge', because it's a show about fat people, but it takes place at a weight loss camp, so I'm not sure if its actually fat friendly or not (even though the title image comes across as fat positive). If it's not at least 75% fat positive I have no interest in watching it. Do you or any of your followers watch Huge? Is it a safe show to watch?

Hi, anon. 

So I marathoned Huge last summer and mostly really enjoyed it. There is a lot of diet talk and encouragement of weight loss. It’s all definitely presented in a critical way, and the main character is super not into the idea of losing weight. She doesn’t want to be there at all. There were portions of the show that were tough to watch and some stuff that had me cheering.

I would say that it is overall a fat posi show but there is still a buttload of fat negativity, diet talk, talk of eating disorders and weight loss.

Followers, what do you all think?


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Rainy and hot 💟


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Tried to get a geisha inspired look, 

ended up looking like an underpaid art teacher. 

Welcome to the story of my life~*

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I can’t recall the last time I took advice from anyone…
Shaped like a figure eight, who trusts pretty girls anyway?


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To the whiny pissbaby in our inbox

We don’t give space to that kind of crap here, period the end. If you are Just That Desperate for an answer to your <s>uncritical regurgitation of fat-shaming bullshit</s> question, come off anon and ask me that on my blog and I can promise you an answer. I can’t promise it’ll be an answer you’ll like but it’ll be an answer.

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Jessica AKA Ms HoneyRayne wearing a Fruit Frenzy Swimsuit by Forever 21

gorgeous!!! and so cute that those glasses match the suit!

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