Do you know of any blogs that promote body positivity for nonbinary people? The other anon asking about blogs or posts for men made me want to ask. Thank you!





I struggled to find blogs that were specifically body positivity for only non-binary trans folks, but here’s what I found:

Fat Genderqueers

Not specifically body positive, but good resources: The Non-Binary Safe Space especially their positive things tag, Fuck Yeah Transitioning Genderqueers, Genderqueer Pride, Genderqueer Positivity, & Genderqueer Identities (this blog has SO many resources)

Here are some that are primarily non-binary folks submitting photos of themselves/primarily image blogs: Fuck Yeah Non-Binary Fats, Non Binary Cuties, Hell Yeah Non-Binary Selfie Culture, Genderqueer

Same but not non-binary specific: Trans* Body Pride, DMAB Delightful, F Yeah Trans Fashion (a fashion blog but you might dig it), F Yeah Androgyny

And another primarily image (not non-binary specific) blog is Genderrific run by my dear pal Kaethe.

The tag nonbinary positivity might also be a tag you’re interested in.

And you might enjoy the Trans* Enough Project.

Apologies if any of these have problematic content as I’m not very familiar with all of them. 

And folks should feel free to reblog with more blogs!

There’s also nbselfielove :)

Thanks for tagging us!  This is a great list of blogs for non-binary folks!

Something to check out. Need more nonbinary fat visibility!

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Reminder for submissions

Just a brief reminder that submissions which uncritically speak of weight loss as inherently good or healthy, or otherwise encourage deliberate weight-loss efforts, will not be posted.  We’ve had a few recently that did this (this is not directed at any one person), so it seems worthwhile to post a general reminder.

Not only is it A: factually incorrect (weight loss and health are not actually connected except in the sense that repeated weight cycling, which is extremely likely since the body fights like hell to return to its preferred set-point weight after you lose weight, is terribly bad for you; see here for additional information about the lies connecting weight loss with health), and B: utterly not in keeping with the spirit of a fat-positive space, which is about honoring and celebrating our bodies as they are, rather than pressuring people to change said bodies, but many of us have struggled with weight-loss, weight-related bullying, and eating disorders/disordered eating problems, and may find such uncritical repetition of cultural fat-shaming narratives in a safe space anywhere from jarring to outright triggering.

This is not to say you are not welcome to try to lose weight if that’s what you want to do with your body.  It’s your body; that’s your decision.  But this is not the place to talk about it, especially not to represent it as healthy behavior or inherently positive.  We do not welcome fat-shaming cultural narratives like fat = unhealthy/thin = healthy into this space.  Period.

Okay?  Okay.  Fat on, my beautiful loves. <3  

- Jadelyn

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It makes me laugh when people are just like “just lose weight and you’ll be happy with yourself”. My older sister lost 200+ pounds and still says that she finds problems with herself. Happiness doesn’t sprout from a number on a scale.

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my belly wanted to say helloooooo xD

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[image description: Ambrosia sits in a chair, phot is taken from the side. wearing a black top with netted detail and black underwear]

This is me BigBaby reinvented or Ambrosia a 33 year old single mother with the will to pursue her dreams the strength to raise her family and the beauty to show that being fat is not nasty or ugly it is sexy and powerful!

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Work work work with my new cheeseburger necklace awww yeah

in love with this outfit

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Just put together the best outfit whilst getting into comfy clothes.

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Starting to really love/accept my body with all its squishy goodness and curves. ^-^Nearly 22 &amp; a size US16 on most days!

Starting to really love/accept my body with all its squishy goodness and curves. ^-^
Nearly 22 & a size US16 on most days!

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my favorite picture of myself to date. :)

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