Date night ootd!

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this is what i wore to go traipsing around a castle. it was very sunny. photographing yr own butt is hard.

t-shirt & jacket are asos, shorts and boots thrifted

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Weekend Style ft. crop top!

Outfit details on

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what's wrong with being chubby and having smaller breasts?

…no…thing…?  I don’t think either the ask or my response said anything about that being a bad thing?  But it’s a fact that a lot of people assume that fat = big breasts, and so it seemed worth addressing imo.  

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I've asked myself countless times, why there are so many fat women with small breasts? I thought breast tissue was basically fatty tissue.. so if you gain/loose weight, the breasts will be the first to gain/loose mass. I for one am a 40DD now that I'm fat. When I was of 'normal' weight (120lb) I had an 26 A-B breast. Or does this have to do with the different kinds of weight distribution? female (bust, ass, thighs), male (stomach)? Tumblr science people, where are you? :D

I don’t think it’s so much a gendered thing as it just is…body types.  People have bodies.  They come in all kinds of shapes and whatnot.  My breasts did get somewhat bigger when I gained weight, but I already had big boobs to start with - 36DDD, now an F.  Which is probably more genetics than anything - lots of large-busted people in my family.  But even within the family, my aunties are fat with thin fingers and wear the same ring sizes they did when they were thin, while my mom and I gain weight all over - I’ve gone up two ring sizes between being 150lbs and 200lbs.  And I’ve known people with the opposite, skinny with chubby fingers.  And then there are people who are skinny with large breasts, to go back to the boob size question.  

So I don’t think we need to involve science tumblr really.  It’s just, yes, breasts are mainly fat, but one fatty tissue is not exactly the same as the other, and different bodies develop and add fat in different places for their own genetic reasons.  For some, breasts will be the first place that sees a change in size with a change in overall body fat; for others, there won’t be a change at all.

Bodies, man.  They’re kind of a trip if you think about it.

- Jadelyn

(Can we not with the “normal” weight thing though?  Even in quotation marks like that, it’s still just a silly phrase.  There’s no such thing as a normal weight.  If a person weighs it, it’s probably basically normal for that person’s body.  It seems like a small thing, but language matters - to define a single weight range as “normal” inherently marks anything outside those ranges as deviant and othered, which is how we end up with the whole fat discrimination thing.  Change language, change the world.  Though that may just be the ex-linguist in me talking.)

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Ootd: wedding crasher on a budget
This outfit was giving me bridesmaid feels so I took photos.
Sweater: kohls (it’s a medium I canny button it captain)
Dress: rainbow
Shoes: Payless
Cat: xander

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It’s raining in my desert today. Spring is confusing and bratty but I’m always prepared.

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