Showing off my BIRTHDAY SUIT!

Arielle, 23, US size 14/16, Virginia Beach

Swimsuit & Sunglasses: eBay




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Photographer: Artiisan Photography

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All About That Bass Video

I have deleted it, because this is a positive space. If you want to have a dialogue about it you are more than welcome to. But, might I suggest you come off anon to have an open dialogue about the video.


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Mint, black, and white: keeping it simple.
Photo cred:@michaelawright13
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Before the heat

Tunic - Yoursclothing;
Jeans - Kiabi;
Trench coat - La Redoute;
Shoes - Ara;
Accessories: necklace - New Yorker, ring - Six, bag - Fiato.

Find more plus-size outfits on http://bigbeautifulola.livejournal.com/

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appropriating aave is a-okay if you're a fat white girl? yeah naw still racist, still basic.

Did I say that in my comment about the video. No I did not. I did say, “Yes, I see why the video/song is problematic.”


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"boys like a bit more booty to hold at night"? So it's fine I'm fat because some guy will fuck me anyway? No thanks that song is problematic as fuck, my fat body doesn't need to be validated by some guy's dick

Sooo.. I was not going to answer this, but I feel that we will have more messages about this. I can see where you find the video/song problematic. But in the same breath I saw the video from a standpoint of, “Wow, a mainstream song that talks about that it is ok not to be a size two.” And also from the point of, “Look, it’s a plus size woman who is celebrating her size.” 


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I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body
Because it isn’t your idea of beauty.
18. Chubby as fuck. Metal as fuck. Learning to love it.

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