Went to the beach today and I was surrounded by white skinny rich people. I was really nervous to wear my fatkini but I said fuck it and wore it anyways. I’m so happy I did and I’ve never felt more confident.

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Danielle Brooks wearing Nathaniel Paul at the 2014 Emmy Awards

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Melissa McCarthy wearing custom Marchesa at the 2014 Emmy Awards

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everything about her is flawless

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I have all of the fierce fat folks of tumblr to thank for this look. I’m arriving fashionably late to the fat crop top party.

Top is just a thrifted tshirt that I chopped and pants are from Ross.

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You can call me Vara (: My interests: dance<3 leopard print. roller skating. photography. tattoos. being happy. fashion. makeup.

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Lovely by missbonniebunny

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"[The] women that I portray in my art are all around, but society sees them as almost invisible.”

This is how David James, the Trinidadian mind behind BBW Art, explains his work. The portfolio is a stunning showcase of the beauty and versatility of curvy women.

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this is the last one!

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