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Next level bathing suit coordination


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Playing cute with my new outfit! those are unicorns! <3Those shorts used to be pants that lost to the chubrub.

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Luliiii (:


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These pictures are not for you.

These pictures are for my dance teachers, who would never put me on advanced teams because of my weight, even though I more than qualified. These pictures are for my grandparents, who constantly tell me that I’m eating too much and that I should exercise more. These pictures are for the girl who, when I told her I had a boyfriend, commented, “so he likes them thick?” These pictures are for the costumer who in seventh grade, gave me a belt and commented, “there, now you have a waist”. These pictures are for my brother, who told me I wear too short of skirts. These pictures are for my cousin and her friends, who avoided me and called me fat, as though it was an insult. These pictures are for everyone who told me “you shouldn’t cut your hair, it’ll make you look bigger.” These pictures are for everyone who has ever looked down on me for how I look.

These pictures are to prove that no matter what you say, I love myself. I love my fat, I love my chub. I love my shape.

And fuck you, too.

It amazes me at the ignorance people posses. The women that post things like this are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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I think people are slowly starting to understand the kind of boy I am. This might help.

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Deborah Chagas/Miss Elegant Brazil

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#maypeaceloveyoga IG Challenge with Yogagoddess_Jo and Dalima26
Day 20 Wheel variation
Day 21 Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

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CONvergence Photos part 6!

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Size 20-22 (UK)

Dress from ASOS Curve (CURRENTLY ON SALE!)

Chelsea boots from New Look

Shades from ASOS

Floral Garland from Primark

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