Friday, September 28th, 2012



So, I made my first ever item of clothing a few weeks ago, from a pattern I drafted myself. I haven’t done a whole lot of sewing before, but I am really, really happy with how this dress came out!

My pink petticoat from Domino Dollhouse added that final touch!

I spy our cute Meringue Petticoat in Light Pink peeking out…precious!

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First post; This is me. I won’t try to hide it. I don’t need to hide it. This is me. The person writing these posts, reblogging, and what whatnot is the girl in this photo.

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I’m afraid to give advice, ever since Kanye West put out that song, what is it, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” I don’t know if young people want advice, and everything is so different from when I started long ago. I think a few of the key things are the same: that you need to love it [acting], and that you be prepared to struggle, because it looks easy, but it’s not. It affects your personal life. It’s rewarding, but it also takes you away from family and friends a lot. You might think you’re going to be rich, but you have less than others, yet people might think you have everything. You have to study and work hard, and know your stuff better than anybody else around in order to keep working. Some young people get one big break, but that’s all they get. - Loretta Devine

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Road trip to Boston.

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Printed bomber jacket obsessed. Blog Post here


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