Continuing my summer wedding series with an outfit for a garden wedding.  Check out my blog for more details on my

Cute summer outfit for a wedding guest (or the bride or bridesmaids!)

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This is my mermaid themed burlesque performance outfit from Friday night. As an unemployed performer, I’m SO proud of myself for creating this costume using materials that I already owned as well as a few items from the $1 store, like my seashell bra and seaweed necklace (not pictured). Being a plus-sized performer with no money, trust me, this was a wondrous feat!

Many thanks to my girl Ashley for assisting me and encouraging me to rock the seashell bra on stage. I have insecurities like the next person, so dancing in and revealing the seashell bra pasties at the end was nerve-racking for me, but I did it!
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Dress by Pink Clove! 

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"I’m a big woman. I need big hair"

- Aretha Franklin

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check shirts make me feel unstoppable 

uk size 18 :)

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Summer Nights

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"Short hair doesn’t suit fat people"

Eff you.

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Perfect makeup today 💋

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size 26 and proud! :) 

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