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             People used to tell me I would never be able to properly ride a horse or be decent at cosplay because of my height and weight. For a few years I stayed back letting their words keep me from doing the things I loved. Then finally I put my foot down and set out to prove them wrong. Now, I’ve not only done that, but have become a full on Horseback Riding Instructor and am creating my own unique characters that I sometimes dress up as.

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Today was the first day in a long time that I felt cute,  so I thought I’d share it with the Internet!  

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from the series The Elders by Sarah Wilson

Over the last few years, Bessie has been taking writing classes.  Writing poetry has helped her explore the depths of her personal history, and at age 69 Bessie feels she’s become a stronger woman than she ever knew she could be.

Amazing style.  Also, I am damn proud to share a nickname with this woman.

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Got new lipsticks from impulse cosmetics. A cheaper alternative to lime crime at just $6.99 a tube and most products are vegan :-)

I love them all but that nude one on you?! Like hello, absolutely fucking RADIATING sun goddess.

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I liked the way that I looked that day!

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I haven’t worn a sunflower printed garment since I was in the 4th grade back in the mid-90’s. So of course I get hella nostalgia whenever I see this fabric and I knew that I had to cop it. Per usual the Sunflower Tank Dress from SWAK is comfy and very stylish. I’m not going to lie, I was indifferent about the “maxi” part of the dress with the sheer fabric, however once I put it on myself I was pleasantly surprised and dug how it looked on me! I wore this dress to fashion show rehearsal and received many compliments and inquiries of where I got my dress. The Sunflower Tank Dress is comfy, trendy, eye-catching, and a mood booster. Another thing that I love about this dress is that the placement of the sunflowers aren’t overbearing. You know how some large floral prints can overpower the garment, but not in a good way? Yeah, this totally doesn’t do that and I’m happy about it!

As a reference I’m 5’5 and the dress length is PERFECT for my preference. My dress is a size 26/28 and is comfortably true to size.
See more of SWAK's latest dresses here!

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